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A Castlevania: Lament of Innocence fan-fiction by DezoPenguin.

Official Description[]

Mathias, Lord Cronqvist, believes that under his care his wife Elisabetha may recover from her illness, but fate will set his footsteps on another path.

The Story[]

Established Characters[]

  • Mathias Cronqvist (leading role) - Noble with a brilliant mind and pleasant appearance. Cares perhaps a little too much for his wife, Elizabetha. Heir to alchemy knowledge.
  • Elizabetha (major role) - Pure but sickly wife of Mathias.
  • Leon Belmont (off-stage) - Able to ride into Hell and take on the Archfiend himself, but not a great strategist.

Original Characters[]

  • Sir Bogdan - Messenger of the King. Requests Mathias's service in defeating heretics. Well mannered, yet somewhat of a beast man.
  • Magda - Brunette lady in waiting and cousin to Lady Elizabetha. Has an eye for Mathias.
  • Father Karel - Mathias's spiritual advisor. From a peasant background. Has extreme faith.
  • The Archbishop (off-stage) - Requests a battle against the heretics
  • The King (off-stage) - Orders Mathias to battle the heretics immediately.
  • Sir Feric (off-stage) - A knight who allied himself with the Albigensian heretics and offerred them his protection. This made it necessary to send an elite company to suppress them.

Chapter Synopsis[]

Caution - Spoilers

  • Chapter 1 - Mathias receives word from Sir Bogdan that he is sorely needed for a campaign against a group of heretics.
  • Chapter 2 - Mathias agrees to leave for battle tomorrow, but does not trust Elizabetha's health to natural medicine without his supervision. He determines to create an alchemic potion for her to use in his absense.
  • Chapter 3 - Elizabeth is persuaded not to take the potion. Mathias returns after victory only to find his wife dead. When he discovers that this was "God's will", he declares war on God and kills the instruments He used to take away his wife.