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A Castlevania: Symphony of the Night fan-fiction by Patricia de Lioncourt.

Official Description[]

When Maria's child is predicted to become a force of ultimate good, she must pass her daughter to Alucard to raise, instead of her and her own husband. Now, Alucard may find that keeping her safe may be easier than raising her. Not a songfic.

The Story[]

Established Characters[]

  • Alucard (leading-role) - Must keep Maria's daughter safe while raising her as his own. Now the town slayer.
  • Maria Renard-Rockly (important role) - Having just given birth, she is unable to defend herself or her baby from Olrox's minions. Not married to Alucard in this fic.
  • Olrox (off-stage) - Dracula's puppet vampire who wishes to sacrifice Maria's daughter for his Lord.

Original Characters[]

  • Daniella (major role) - Daughter of Maria and Lord Rockley. Predicted to be a force of uncorruptable good. Target of a sacrifice to Lord Dracula. Raised by Alucard.
  • Lord Rockley (minor role) - Tall, dark, and handsome. Maria's husband. Influencial but untrained and unable to protect his newborne daughter.
  • midwife, midwife's assistant (minor role) - servants to Lord Rockley
  • Daniella Renard (deceased) - Maria's mother and namesake for her daughter.
  • Joe Wilhelm (minor role) - General store manager. Original protector of the town. Gives Alucard his former job and a place to live.
  • Rosalyn Wilhelm (minor role) - Daughter of Joe Wilhelm, acts years ahead of her age, and takes care of Daniella. 14 year old with long braided dark hair.

Chapter Summary[]

Caution - Spoilers

  1. Prologue - Maria gives birth and gives her daughter to Alucard to be her father and to protect her.
  2. Year One - On Daniella's first birthday, Alucard takes her to a town. The general store manager, Joe Wilhelm, then offers him a place to stay and a job.
  3. Year Five - Daniella is now five years old and has a pretty stable life with Alucard and sees Rosalyn often. However, as she has not been able to make friends her own age, she is lead into a dangerous situation by some "playfull" sprites.


  • The character Daniella was named after the author's best friend Slinky_And_The_BloodyWands whose middle name is Danielle.