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    Fan Fiction Reading

    October 1, 2011 by Reinhart77

    Here's a list of Castlevania fan fiction I am currently reading. I often save these chapters to the "Speak it!" app on my iPhone and let the phone "read" the stories to me while I'm walking or driving. Source of most fan fictions is Fan

    Fics by danceofgold

    • A Shared Destiny - (Legends Fanfic)

    Fics by DarkFonist

    • A Quest - (Portrait of Ruin Fanfic)

    Fics by wareagle884

    • Castlevania: Dracula's Curse - (CV III Fanfic)

    Fics by KichiX

    • The New Lords of Shadow - (LoS Fanfic)

    Fics by LateNiteSlacker

    • Requiem of Trust - (Mega-Crossover Parody Fanfic)
    • Modern Problems - (Sequel to Requiem of Trust)

    Fics by Lady Red Sama25

    • I Promise You - (Order of Ecclesia Short)

    Fics by Selfish Vampire Mint

    • The Price of Domination - (Dawn of Sorrow Fanfic)
    • Escapism a la O…
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  • Reinhart77

    Inventory for the collection of User:Reinhart77.

    Does not own a working NES, but own the cartridges and can play the first two games on the Wii Virtual Console. I do not have the import version of Kid Dracula.

    • Castlevania I - US release, cartridge only
    • Castlevania II - US release, cartridge only
    • Castlevania III - US release, cartridge only

    Has a US Super Ninendo

    • Super Castlevania IV - US release, cartridge only
    • Castlevania V - US release, cartridge only

    Has a Genesis

    • Bloodlines - US release, package, catridge, and instruction manual

    Do not have a Sega Saturn and do not have import Nocturne in the Moonlight

    Used to have an original Playstation (that was lost). Now have a PSOne with the built in screen. Also have a Codebreaker.

    • Symphony of the Night…

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