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Bloody Knife is a character from Gunshot's Unloaded, as well as playable character in Halloween Panic 2, part of villains of Les Femmes Fatales. For those who knew her, was a chosen one for knifes expert who belonged to the band Sinister Gang, whose leader was the half-sister Janne EXE and Freddy Badnaguer.


With the identity of Barbara, study international cuisine to become an expert cook as in the art of cutting, without missing a single centimeter. He was regarded as the best in class, his gifts were taken to the best restaurants in the city to enjoy with her delicate hands the best dishes prepared in its strongest area and kitchen, or red meat.

In her secret life of Bloody Knife, is a vampire killer with a deadly accuracy, at age 16 he committed his first murder, not usually fail because of his uncanny ability, the blade carrying the blood of his adversary, will continue lethally. Is there that earned his nickname. It is very agile and pose reflexes to jump high and to give each edge bouncing off them, their Sadico and obsessive behavior by blood, make a villain of fear.

In 2000, at age 20, he was entrusted the mission to find and bring back her stepsister and mercilessly killing his companion who rescued him with Sebastian. Bloody accepts the mission so it is easily with the Zombie Hunter.

A battle between two starts, Sebastian dominating his weapon, the Key Whip, struggled against the terrible Bloody skills. After a very difficult battle, Bloody falls in battle.

In her last attempt, Bloody throws a knife to kill the Zombie Hunter straight to the heart, but for the first time, it fails and this impacts the center of his chest. Sebastian is saving Janne in front of a shock. But every effort is futile.

Bloody tells him that he was the first man who kept pace in combat and the first to fail with a knife. I hated him and loved him for it, so after his death, those were the reasons to return as "Servant of darkness" and be labeled as Femme Fatale.

But as Femme Fatale in 2004, invoked by the same as Elizabeth sorceress, again facing in the same place where he died in 2001 with the Zombie Hunter, however, the key whip spared to sell his soul to the darkness and was easily defeated by the weapon.

Another invocacion brings back sometime in 2009, where he is on a sinking ship, called by Mister T., giving pleasure to see a changed Zombie Hunter. Bloody as Femme Fatale can do whatever he wants, feels a deep sense of love to Sebastian EXE, but as like them, is a sadist love.

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