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It is a conceptual game created by Anonymous.


Dracula rose up from his grave.Then came his army of evil creatures.He told his creatures to create a big fortress.9 days later,the fortress had been finished.Now,he called lots of villains.Then,he told them to scatter across Europe.

The Gameplay:The game features a side scroll game but is played on the Wii.The land locations vary from plains to valleys to plateaus to hills to mountains to volcanoes.The water locations vary from lakes to rivers to seas to oceans.It has a map.It also features numerous enemies,multiple mini-bosses in a level,and bosses with random strategy.

Controls:As it is played on the Wii,you will play it using the Wii controller.

Playables:Simon Belmont,Trevor Belmont,Richter Belmont,Sypha Belnades,Alucard,Grant Danasty,Yoko Belnades,and Gabriel Belmont.


1.Moscow Plains (Reward:Christopher's Whip for Simon,Trevor,Richter,or Gabriel;Hocus Pocus Spellbook for Yoko or Sypha;Assassin Sword for Alucard;Holy Battle Axe for Grant Danasty)

Enemies:Skullheads,Skeletons,Firey Skullhead,Armored Skeleton,Skeleton Swordsmen,Skeleton Knights

Mini-Bosses:Giga Skullhead,Giga Skeleton

Boss:Skeleton King

2.Paris,France (Reward:Premium Cross)


Mini-Bosses:Giga Skullhead,Giga Skeleton,Giga Zombie,Giga Ghost,Myth Man


3.Leaning Tower of Pisa(Reward:Combat Training,Magic Training,and Sorcery Training)


Mini-Bosses:Giga Skeleton,Giga Zombie,Giga Ghost,Giga Vampire,Giga Wrewolf,Myth Man