Castlevania: Bloodlines is the only Castlevania game developed for Sega Mega Drive.


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The following fan fiction are related to the game Bloodlines. Descriptions, author names, and fan fiction links are from, unless stated otherwise.

See Order of Ecclesia Fan Fiction (early-1800s)

See Legacy of Darkness Fan Fiction (1852)

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Before Bloodlines

  • My last entry...A John Morris story by guilhermehank - If you had read the Bram Stoker novel, Great, if you didnt, you should...Its pretty fucking awesome  This is a prequel to Castlevania Bloodlines. The main characters are Eric Lecard and John Morris (that is son of Quincy Morris, from the novel). The diary style is a tribute to the novel. (that is diary style, BTW). This was made because...I love Castlevania, done

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  • A Hard Night's Slumber[1] by Hunty - Post-Castlevania Bloodlines. A Drabble of Eric trying to rest after defeating Elizabeth Bartley, but John gives him hell. Yaoi. Steer clear if you're not fond of it. Read and review!

See Portrait of Ruin Fan Fiction (1944)

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