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Castlevania: Curse of Darkness is the second Castlevania game made for the Xbox in 2003.

Fan Fiction[]

The following fan fiction are related to the game Curse of Darkness. Descriptions, author names, and fan fiction links are from

See Dracula's Curse Fan Fiction (1476)
Before Curse of Darkness

  • Final Advent [1] by Mr. Sado-Masochism - This SHORT fic is my version of Hector's and Isaac's relationship before Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. This fic contains a light mentioning of yaoi, meaning gay sex between the characters. You have been warned. Please read and review!

During Curse of Darkness (1479)

  • Park Swing by Patricia de Lioncourt - Curse of Darkness. The story of the destruction of Cordova Town and the death of a young boy with asperations of being a writer...
  • Serenity (The Chairs) [2] by HASEO - Small collection of fictions based off the more "personal" lives of characters. Will be updated as soon as I can come up with new drabbles. Some yaoi. Everything from poking fun at people and the Belmonts to IsaacxHector and the like.
  • Not to be Left Out [3] by Suzu-chan - If you ever wondered what happened to Trevor after Isaac wounded him, here's a take on it. TrevorxSypha
  • Stupid Chair SideQuest [4] by -NightlyHalo- [5] - A funny sexual spin put on the chair sidequest. Hector runs into Issac in Cordova town, PWP but worksafe. (mostly).
  • Serenade of a Madman [6] by what is a man - As the final battle between two vengeful rivals grows near, Isaac muses over his plans and feelings towards Hector. [Castlevania: Curse of Darkness oneshot. Isaac's point of view.]
  • Castlevania Curse of Darkness: The True Story [7] by Serpain - What should have happened in the game Cruse of Darkness, where Isaac doesn't die, there is no silly cliche revenge theme, and Alucard is once again included! With an added zest of Julia being included in the back story!

After Curse of Darkness

  • Sympathy for the Devil [8] by Silveriss - Sequel to Curse of Darkness. In their search for the source of a new evil Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, Hector and Julia discover that Isaac didn't die in the fall of Dracula's Castle. Warning: Some original characters.

See The Adventure Fan Fiction (1576)

Fan Videos[]

Game Music Videos[]

Game Music Videos of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness.
thumb|500px|right|Castlevania Curse of Darkness - So Cold thumb|500px|right|Castlevania Gives Love a Bad Name thumb|500px|right|Dimmu Borgir - Stormblåst
With other 3D Games:


Castlevania Lets Bring Sexy Back mpg

Let's Bring Sexy Back - LoI/CoD


Castlevania Metal Tribute Lament Curse PS2 SOTN

Uses songs from bands such as Against the Plagues, Behemoth, and Nile. - LoI/CoD


We Will Continue Our Journey

We Will Continue Our Journey - LoI/CoD/Judgement

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