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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow is the first Castlevania game made for the Nintendo Duel Screen.

Fan Fiction[]

The following fan fiction are related to the game Dawn of Sorrow. Descriptions, author names, and fan fiction links are from

See Aria of Sorrow Fan Fiction (2035)

Before Dawn of Sorrow[]

  • Dark Lord Debate [1] by Bzak - Takes place before Dawn of Sorrow. What if the next dark lord was chosen through politics? Here is the political debate between two dark lord candidates.

During Dawn of Sorrow (2036)[]

  • Car Chaos [2] by Yoru no Kuronue - Ever wonder about the cars in the Lost Village? Here's a take on what would happen if Arikado let Soma drive...and if it led to a confession...don't worry, it's total crack.
  • Partners [3] by khaki knight - Dawn of Sorrow: Julius feels the years gaining on him, and feels something else, too. Julius x Yoko--wait, what?
  • Fighting Spirit [4] by LashknifeTalon - {Menace Battle} Dawn of Sorrows. Very Slight Soma x Mina. Spoilers on the appearance of the final boss. Soma receives encouragement from a very unlikely source...

After Dawn of Sorrow Bad Ending[]

  • Castlevania: Crimson Rose [5] by SageofAges729 - Soma has become the Dark Lord. He has betrayed those he had called friend, and has taken human life. All to avenge Mina. But when he learns that she still lives, he vows to find her. Obstacles stand in his way, however. The greatest of these? Mina herself
  • castlevania: End Of Days by ericbobman777 - Soma gains so much power by absorbing celina and causes a solar eclipse which splits his soul into two one side is good the other side is not he uses his good side to find mina outside of the castle and bring her to the castle which is being pulled by his eviler side which has become their home forever

After Dawn of Sorrow Good Ending[]

  • CastleVania: Failings of Forgiveness [6] by Darkaus - Summer 2037, it's hot in Japan and Soma Cruz has a broken air conditioner. This is the least of his problems as strange nightmarish dreams rule his nights, A malevolent presence reaches Japan, and a mad train ride brings him back to the heart of his fears
  • Beyond a Pane of Glass [7] by Silver Monarch - Well this is totally up to the readers. They steer it. Will Soma ever cope? What happens to him next? Will he prevail or will a certain Count finally win? Yaoi chapters are Jewels and Straight chapters are Colors!
  • The Return of Abaddon? [8]] by The Legendary Zero - One month after the defeat of Menace, Soma is once again met by Abaddon. What he thinks will be an easy battle becomes a nightmarish encounter that could ultimately prove to be the return of Count Dracula himself.
  • Castlevania: Eternal Sorrow [9] by Psychotic Vampiric - This is my first Fanfic! This takes place one year after the events of DoS. Andrew Gold has been called upon to investigate the first appearence of Eternal Night after almost a millenia. What he discovers there may be more than he can handle.
  • Sonata of Memories [10] by Elixir9 - Two years after the events of Dawn of Sorrow, Soma Cruz finds that moving on with life is easier said than done. Now a new evil force has arisen. Full summary inside. ch.12 up...Finally.
  • Dawn of Sorrow Dusk of Hope [11] by LadyLunarPhoenix - If Soma thought dealing with the Castle, his past, and Celia's rip off of a castle was hard, then he better watch out. Manipulation and deceptions are 'not' exclusive providence of the Castle. The world may not be ready for the return of the Dark Children
  • Castlevania: The Eternal Serenade of Moonlight [12] by Eternal Angel Guardian - Soma begins to have nightmarish dreams of the Earth's destruction and a mysterious power that grow within him. Now, he must receive help from the Sailor Senshi to fight against Chaos and the returning darkness. Castlevania/Sailor Moon crossover. Pairings
  • Clandestine Opera [13] by Sydney Grise - [Post DoS Canon ending] Darkness wanes into Light. The doubts waver as the Dark Lord might find redemption. But what will tip the balance of everything when Soma Cruz is raising a haze of doubt? The heirs of the bloodlines soon will uncover everything.

Long After Dawn of Sorrow Good Ending[]

  • The Claws of Fate [14] by Kit-Karamak - July 2044, a Belmont descendant related to Cornell is thrust into The Castle. Chapter 11: Julius finds that his new 'friend' knows more about his family than she should. Also, Justus and Alucard team up to find Molly and the missing blood diamond. R&R!
  • Castlevania:Road of Chaos [15] by Bullet666 - This story takes place about 19 years after the events in Dawn of sorrow, it's my very own story of a new threat that has appeared to ressurect dracula for their own motives. Includes characters from the series as well as my own castlevania characters.
  • Forgotten [16] by Hotaru-hime - During the attack from an unknown cult in 2039, Mina finds herself as the reincarnation of Elisabetha Cronqvist and Lisa, two beloved wives of Dracula/Mathias Cronqvist (who is reborn as Soma).
  • Guide of Characters [17] by Eternal Angel Guardian - A guide I written with the characters in The Prophecy of Moonlight. PLEASE REVIEW AND NO FLAMING!
  • Elegy of Faith [18] by FalconPain - The eldest daughter of Yoko Belnades is sent by the church to stop a vampiric army. Allies are made and lost. Deception waits at every turn. As she starts to question her own morals and ability, Death is sounding more and more appealing. Multiple endings.
  • The Red Chest [19] by Suikorin - Year 2052 Julius has everything. He is a family man with money, a loving wife, and three children who claim that there are more members to their household than just five.
  • Blood Connection by ericbobman777 - 3 years after Soma leaves the castle on the aniversery of his marriage to Mina he comes home to his family of 3, 2 daughters and Mina eating lunch with a tall silver haired wounded man with a long duster and rapier soma asks who is in his house as the man strugels to stand he says he's Somas brother and finally stands and says he is Alucard and he needs his brothers help

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