Castlevania Fan Wiki


NOTE: Some Things never happened to the game because it's just a FanFiction.

II (The Cradle of Decay)= I know that there are somethings that never Happened.

III (My Not so Normal Life)= Soma Cruz has a Normal Life the Suddenly Castlevania Characters.Some of the Stories are a little funny.

IV (Charlotte's Cooking and Nathan Graves)= Charlotte's Cooking is Awful! and They Met Nathan Graves from Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.

V (School and the 3 Kids) = Nathan,Charlotte,Jonathan and Shanoa are new students in Soma's School,and there are also 3 kids.

VI (School and the 3 Kids #2)= Part 2

VII (Discussion and Insults)= The Discussions and Insults

VIII (Thank God! It was a Dream?)= It was Just a Dream.

IX (Vacation Issues)=  The Vacation Issues.