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Castlevania: Hell's Invasion is a fangame developed in Northern California between August 2004 and January 2012. It was designed in an unknown program, and uses enemies from all Castlevania games. It mixes both Castlevania: Rondo of Blood style branching paths and 'Metroidvania' style games. The game’s Story Mode takes place in 2039; and the player can play as most Castlevania characters at one point or another in the game.

Story Mode:

Story mode is similar to most Castlevania games. It uses characters from all Castlevania games, ranging from Simon Belmont to Soma Cruz. Each new chapter is unlocked after completing the previous chapter, and there are 6 story mode chapters in all.

Chapter 1: Soma's Burden

Chapter 2: Shonoa's Quest

Chapter 3: Alucard's deeds

Chapter 4: Bloodline Rivalries

Chapter 5: Bloodline Rivalries: Part 2

Chapter 6: An End to the Madness

Arena Mode

A special mode designed to integrate all characters in a death match, pitting characters (or enemies) of the player’s choice through challenges of skill and against AI-controlled enemies.

Boss Rush Mode

The basic Boss-rush mode, with bosses from every Castlevania game. Character selected by the player or selected Randomly.

Survival Mode

In this unique mode, the player survives increasingly difficult waves of enemies with a player of their choice.

Breaker Mode

Another unique mode, this allows players to select their favorite characters from the Castlevania franchise; all with improved sprites and functions, and allows them to explore the Castle and the surrounding countryside.

Playable Characters

All of these characters are avaliable to play in during all modes, except Story Mode, except when specified otherwise.

Belmont Bloodline:

Trevor Belmont

Simon Belmont

Sonia Belmont

Richter Belmont

Juste Belmont

Julius Belmont

Gabriel belmont

Jonathan Belmont

John Morris

Jonathan Morris

Belnades Bloodline:

Sypha Belnades

Charlotte Aulin

Yoko Belnades

Jonathan Belmont

Teppes/Cronqvist Bloodline



Gabriel Belmont

Soma Cruz

Jonathan Belmont

Various Bloodlines

Grant Danasty

Maria Renard

Morris Baldwin

Hugh Baldwin

Nathan Graves