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The following fan fiction are related to the game Order of Ecclesia. Descriptions, author names, and fan fiction links are from

See Symphony of the Night Fan Fiction (1797)
See Legacy of Darkness Fan Fiction for Castlevania 64 Events (1844)
During Order of Ecclesia (mid-1800s)

  • Words Left Unsaid by TheFreelancerSeal - Story set around Order of Ecclesia time period.

After Order of Ecclesia

  • Buried, hidden desire [1] by Hunty - First Order of Ecclesia story. Involving a romantic relationship between Shanoa and Albus.
  • Deluge by MirroredShalott - Shanoa emerged from the demolished castle a free yet broken woman. She returned to both the streets of Wygol and a friend determined to help extract her from Ecclesia's lasting grip, but some memories still live in the flesh and they crave Shanoa's blood.

See Bloodlines Fan Fiction for Quincy Morris era (1897)

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