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A Castlevania fan film created by Ben Isaac depicting a battle of a Belmont vs. Dracula. This film was seized by Konami and is not allowed to be shown to the public.

SomaCruz: Este es uno de los trailers del film Castlevania Prelude of War escrito por Ben Isaac, gran fanatico de esta saga Chekense la flameante Vampire Killer !!!

This is one of the trailers of the Castlevania Prelude of War film written by Ben Isaac, a great fanatic of this saga Chek out the flaming VampireKiller !!!

Castlevania: Prelude to War, is an independent short-film. It was written, directed and starred independent film maker Ben Isaac. It was not officially approved or endorsed by Konami. The film featured Isaac as Simon Belmont and prequelled his adventure in Dracula's castle