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Castlevania: Resurrection is a 2001 Castlevania game that would be the third 3D Castlevania game for the Nintendo GameCube and originally intended to be a launch title for the "Ultra" 64 but setback delayed.

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Fan games related to Castlevania: Resurrection.

Fan fiction[]

The following fan fiction are related to the canceled game Castlevania: Resurrection. Descriptions, author names and fan fiction links are from unless otherwise stated.

See Legends Fan Fiction (1450)

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During Resurrection (1450's-1666-late 1800s)[]

  • Castlevania: Resurrection (Andrew L. Modeen) [1]] by Andrew L. Modeen - (from the Castlevania Saga) The story of the (forever?) fine game for the Nintendo GameCube, teaming Sonia Belmont (of Castlevania Legends, the original Belmont warrior) of 1482 with Victor Belmont of the 1800s to do battle with the Countess Elizabeth Bartley after she, in a pact with Death himself, resurrects and unleashes Count Vlad Dracula and Castlevania in the year 1666, the year of the Great London Fires.
  • Castlevania: Resurrection [2] by Fizzbit - I know it was cancelled, but this is my own rendition. My friends have told me it's pretty good so far. And ya know what? Alucard's gonna be in it!!! Please R/R. Good reviews, please.

See Castlevania I Fan Fiction (1691)

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