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A Castlevania fan game by Viper Snake. It is a classic style Castlevania with multiple playable characters, branching paths and optional co-op.


  • Marianne Meyer - A priest who wields the Vampire Killer. Subweapons: Agunea, Holy Light, Ice Shard, Sacred Flame.
  • Veronica Graves - A mage who summons weapons to attack and is capable of casting a large variety of spells. She can charge up the spells to produce more powerful versions. Subweapons: Book of Arms, Book of Death, Book of Earth, Book of Power.
  • Alucard - Starts with only his trusty Alucard Sword and a few spells, but can find additional weapons to switch between on fly. Weapons: Alucard Sword, Basilard, Combat Knife, Crissaegrim, God Hand, Gurthang, Heaven Sword, Marsil, Nunchaku, Rapier, Shotel, Sword of Dawn.
  • Richter Belmont - Legendary vampire hunter who can execute tricky martial arts moves. Subweapons: Triple Dagger, Cross, Axe, Holy Water.




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