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An overhead RPG fan game created by Hardle starring Allan Belmont.


It takes place in 1666 and Dracula's Castle has been risen again by unknown means. A woman named Helena Frostmitter disappeard into the woods and her husband Duran Wallace Frostmitter set out to look for her. He tried to get aid from the church but they denied is claim, but instead gets a sword from a priest to set out to Dracula's Castle to find his wife. Allan Belmont went to Dracula's Castle as well but did not have the actual power of the whip. Soleiyu died before he was able to pass it to Allan.


  • Allan Belmont - Son of Soleiyu and Grandson of Christopher Belmont.
  • Duran Wallace Frostmitter - a nobleman
  • Alexander Burome - Alchemist who helps Allan by setting up shop.

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