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Castlevania: Spectral Interlude is a 2015 fan game created by Rewind, a Russian indie team, for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum home computer; Bum Fun Software produced a limited run of physical copies in Compact Cassette tape.

It was originally planned as a "demake" of Simon's Quest, but during development it was decided that the game would have an original plot.


19th century. Several decades passed since the glorious day when Alucard saved Richter Belmont and averted the ressurection of Dracula. The world got its long awaited rest. With disappearance of the Master of Darkness the activity of ungodly monsters calmed down, even around his now destroyed castle.

But when you belong to a clan that exists for the sole purpose of fighting against the evil, peaceful time may be much more dangerous for you than battles with most fierce creatures. That simple truth was to be learnt personally by the son of Richter, Simon Belmont, called so in honor of his hero ancestor. Year after year, he spent his time on fruitless training, slowly losing hope to accomplish anything important in his life. Something bigger than pacifying a pack of skeletons awakened on a local graveyard for some unknown reason.

Yet this was exactly what he had to do this fateful day. And so Simon reluctantly went to the graveyard, unaware that he stepped on a path that will change not only his life but the future of whole Belmont clan as well.


  • Code: Aleksander Udotov (SaNchez)
  • Music: Vladimir Tugay (darkman007)
  • Graphics: Aleksey Golubtsov (diver4d)
  • Script: Lev Grinberg
  • Producing: Michael Sudakov
  • Polish and English translation: Rafał Miazga (Ralf)
  • Spanish translation: Ariel Ruiz
  • Italian translation: Paolo Arus (DaRkHoRaCe)
  • German translation: Alexander Korn
  • Portuguese translation: Marco Martins (Mekanaizer)
  • Beta testing: Shadow Maker, Vladimir Burenko (Hacker VBI), GoodBoy

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