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Originally a hack of Symphony of the Night which involves giving enemies and bosses new attacks and patterns. It also attempts to balance gameplay by editing Alucard's stats, as well as enemies, and items' stats. Richter can have an optional alternate outfit. The hack is created primarily by a hacker known as Esco.

Eventually Esco decided that hacking Symphony of the Night was much too time consuming, and decided to use his knowledge about the inner workings of the game he gained while hacking to reproduce the game in Game Maker instead.

On November 22, 2011 the first alpha version of the game made in Game Maker was released, featuring the first Prologue stage with Richter and Dracula, but it is not available anymore.

Now, the project has been rebuilt entirely from the ground up in the Unity engine, featuring changes in the stages of the original game, reworks on Richter and Alucard, with new animations, new weapons, new moves for Alucard's base form as well as for his bat and wolf forms. Some of the enemies in the original game have also been reworked, with better animations and attacks.

Edit 12/24/22: A public demo has been released of this project and is available on the patreon page listed below! -Esco

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