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Castlevania: The Adventure is the first Castlevania game for the Nintendo Game Boy.


Hacks of Castlevania: The Adventure:

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This page lists fan-made Castlevania games.

Fan games[]

Fan Games[]

Fan Games related to Castlevania: The Adventure:

Fan Fiction[]

The following fan fiction are related to the game The Adventure. Descriptions, author names, and fanfiction links are from

See Curse of Darkness Fan Fiction (1479)

Before The Adventure[]

During the Adventure (1576)[]

  • Castlevania:The Chronicles of Christopher Belmont [2] by Chaos Hero Mark - My re-telling of the life and adventures of Christopher Belmont. His story spans from Adventures, Belmonts Revenge and The Three Dark Emperors. Ratings might change though.

After The Adventure[]

See Belmont's Revenge Fan Fiction (1591)

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