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Castlevania: Twilight Rhapsodia is a fan fiction created by author osaka_no_kotatsu on Archive of our Own

About the Story[]

Story takes place in the year 2010, eleven years after the battle of 1999. While it's canon compliant, it mixes elements from both canon and non canon games, including the Fernández name wich, just like in Castlevania 64 and Legacy of Darkness, it's a separated entity from the Belnades clan.


One year after the battle of 1999, another castle suddendly materializes exactly where Dracula's castle was located, and Julius' older brother, Schneider, sets out to investigate alongside his wife, the witch Selene, only of the castle to swallow them and disappear. They leave behind two kids, Simon and Erik, wich are adopted and trained by the Fernández family, comprised by the sorcerer Juan José and the warrior Adela, who have two children themselves, Alicia and Luis.

Ten years after that, Simon is out on a date with Alicia when they're assaulted by creatures of darkness and finally a vampire, who leaves Simon badly wounded and kidnaps Alicia, disappearing without a trace, at the same time Erik and Luis are investigating a vampire nest when they find themselves fighting a powerful vampire who identifies herself as Erzabeth Barthory.

This is followed by the sudden appearance of the youngest member of the Belnades' clan main family, Kasa, who abducts Luis' girlfriend and turns out to have turned to the ancient gods' magic, becoming a follower of Nyarlathotep.

Once the situation with the Belnades heir is resolved, they set out on a journey to look out for Alicia, finding themselves tangled in other families' situations as soon as they set foot in another country.

In the first book, The Fernández Family, before they're able to finally set out in their journey they're called back to Spain by the Belnades clan's patriarch, Malaquias, for something related to Kasa Belnades. Once there, Simon, Erik and Luis are made known of the intrincacies of an old feud between the Belnades clan and the Fernández family, learning more about their parents' roots and, in the case of Luis, his own roots as well.

In the second book, The Lecarde clan, Simon and co. reach Paris just when the city is in the middle of a mass hysteria because of a series of child abductions. They meet with François Lecarde, an old friend of Erik and Luis, and agree to help in the case both because of their friendship with François and because the kidnappings started roughly around the same time Alicia was abducted as well.

In the third book, Danasty and the Dragon island, Simon and co. are sent to the Dragon island, a hidden island close to the greek peninsula guarded by the last members of the Danasty family. This island guards a very valuable and powerful treasure from the Belmon family known as Trevor's legacy, as well as a weapon that once belonged to Schneider Belmont. Meanwhile, Juan José and Adela have to face an unexpected enemy that threats to destroy their home city.

As the fanfic is still in progress, this section will be updated once the fourth book starts writing. Details have been kept at minimum.


Since this is a fanfic that has been in writing for years, it spans more than 100 chapters that have been divided in, so far, three books:

  • First book: Chapters 0-48
  • Second book: Chapters 49-121
  • Third book: Chapters 122-???


For the sake of spoilers, this section will only cover the characters that has been mentioned, directly or otherwise, in this article, plus a couple more.[]
Main characters[]
  • Simon Belmont the 2nd: Named like that in homage to the legendary Simon Belmont. Simon is a pretty laid back boy who grew up not particularly paying attention in training and always doing, more or less, his thing. Despite being adopted into the Fernández family, neither him nor Erik were forced to become their children, so they both grew up as Belmonts and Simon ended up falling in love with Alicia. Despite his young age and laid back personality, Simon is an insanely talented whip user, and shows a great control over his holy powers.
  • Erik Alexer Belmont: Two years older than Simon, Erik is the older brother and representative of the Belmont family both in the face of the church and the Brotherhood of light. He's both a bookworm and a passionate fighter who enjoys having a good fight in a very sports-like manner. Unlike Simon, he took his training to heart and his fighting style takes a lot after Adela's. Despite being a Belmont though, he can barely use the clan's holy powers, instead, he specialices in pyrokinesis and raw energy manipulation, and his weapon is the fire sword Salamander. Has a strong sense of justice, wich takes him to disobey orders if he doesn't think they're appropiate.
  • Luis Rafael Fernández Fernández: The oldest both of the group and of the Fernández children, Luis has grown up in a very loving and familiar environment, having become a family man himself, very protective of his relatives and that gives a special relevance to blood-based bonds. Like Erik, Luis always took his training very seriously, never developing the passion for fighting his step-brother has, but never shying away for a fight if it can bring anything positive to the table. He's known about the feud his family has with the Belnades clan for a while, and despise Sypha's descendent to the point of refusing his father's sorcery teachings. His fighting style is based on extreme speed combined with a medium size katana and electrokinesis, filtered by an agnea infused glove. While he refuses to use magic, will do if he finds himself unable to fight physically.
  • Adela Fernández: Luis and Alicia's mother, as well as Luis, Erik and Simon's master. Adela has been trained since a very young age in all sorts of physical combat, both hands to hands and armed, and has a very imposing presence, however, she retired after Alicia's birth and only resurfaced from time to time to fight direct threats to their family. Despite her stern appearance, she's kind and caring.
  • Juan José Fernández: Fernandez family's head, as well as father and, for a little while, Luis' sorcery teacher. Despite having left the kids' training on Adela's hands, he's taken care of their psychological and emotional training. He's a renown sorcerer with a mostly cloudy background, aside of knowing that he has some kind of ties with the Belnades clan.
  • Alicia Fernández: Fernández family's youngest child. Adela is a sweet girl who hasn't gone through any training whatosever and has grown up as a normal girl under her parents' surveillance. After being abducted by a strange vampire, she wakes up in a dark and gloomy castle, with no idea of where she is, and why she's been taken there.
  • Esther González: Luis' girlfriend. Unlike him, she's a common civilian with no ties with the Brotherhood of light.
  • Rose Morris: Jonathan Morris' daughter and Brotherhood of light's head. Rose is a stern woman that shows her cold side when she feels the need to enforce her own rules, but is otherwise usually likeable and understanding, if a little sarcastic. While the brotherhood provides her with a team that takes care of all the heavy stuff, she handles a lot by herself, including taking personal requests of utmost importance.
  • Genya Arikado: A misterious and beautiful man with an apparently cold and uncaring attitude who works both as a special agent for the church and as an informant for the brotherhood. No one knows how powerful he really is, or what he did before working for the church, for that matter.
  • François Lecarde: Youngest member of the Lecarde family. When Simon, Erik and Luis arrive to Paris, he's in the middle of investigating the seria abduction of several kids, while taking care of his own.
  • Helena Danasty: Grant Danasty's lastest descendant. Her family has been taking care of the Dragon island for generations, and now it's her turn. She's a healer, but also a master knife wielder.
  • Kasa Belnades: Youngest member of the main branch of the Belnades clan and, allegedly, its next heir. Has a beef with Luis, and this grudge has, apparently, consumed him to the point of becoming unhinged.
  • Malaquias Belnades: The Belnades clan's patriarch, first in a long story of matriarchy. Cold, dismissive, manipulative and cruel; despite showing ignorance, he still has the feud between his family and the Fernández very present. He's blind, but hasn't lost his edge in any case.
  • Erzabeth Barthory: Dracula's niece, known as the Bloody countess. Appears out of nowhere when Luis and Erik were investigating a vampire nest, wich was apparently her doing. Has a wild and arrogant personality.
  • Orlox: Dracula's old friend, who shows up to assist the unknown vampire in Alicia's abduction. Wields the Crissaegrim and is calm and polite. Why or how he's come back to life is a mistery.
  • The misterious vampire: A haughty and powerful vampire that interrupted Simon and Alicia's date, first summoning monsters and, after that, throwing himself into battle. Powerful and vicious, but restrains himself in the presence of vampires like Orlox.


  • The Fernández family, as well as its feud with the Belnades clan, is a clear tribute to Castlevania 64 and Carrie's crazy development story, where she went from Eastfield to Belnades to, finally, become a relative of the Belnades family named Carrie Fernández.
  • Since this fanfiction was written and published for the first time way before Lords of Shadow was even a concept, it can't be said that the Brotherhood of light was a concept taken from Mercury Steam's reboot, however, the brotherhood featured in Twilight Rhapsodia doesn't conflict with Lords of Shadows', and can be easily taken either as the same organization in modern times or just as a coincidence.
  • Each character wields a collectable weapon in the series. Some of them had their names changed because of the serie's unreliable naming conventions, for example, Erik's Salamander was, originally, Laeviatain, wich through different entries and localizations has also been named Firebrand and Agni's Flame, among others.
  • Simon is the only character who doesn't wield a recognizable weapon, since the vampire killer was used to seal Dracula's essence.
  • Genya Arikado is not the only canon character featured in the fanfic, however, that hard rule for that is that the canon characters must make sense, chronologically speaking, wich means that only Portrait of Ruin and Dawn of Sorrow characters have a chance to make an appearance.
  • Erzabeth Barthory's name is a tribute to '90s Konami's crazy localization. While the character is canonically named Elisabeth Bartley in the west, she still goes by her real name in japan (Ersébet Báthory, wich will be also her name in the upcoming animated series Castevania Nocturne), so the author gave her a name in between the two.
  • The aura characters manifest when entering combat is the author's intepretation of the outline surrounding the characters in Harmony of Dissonance.
    • This aura is decomposed in vital energy, magic power and spiritual energy to adapt to the series' mechanics. Vital energy equals to HP, magic power to MP, and spiritual energy takes over hearts/ammunition. This system was conceived way before the DS games were released, unificating hearts with the magic bar.
      • This means that secondary weapons are materialized into existence by the characters' will, burning their own spiritual energy in the process