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Castlevania LCD Chronicles was an original game for Window version based from the LCD handheld game. The original version of Simon's Quest and Symphony of The Night was remade by Ericard Production, along with the remake of Sprite to develope games that use LavaLit software programs. Castlevania Dracula X is the original games that was added in as the main scequence of Castlevania LCD Chronicles.

Castlevania Dracula LCD Chronicles[]


Castlevania Dracula LCD Chronicles is an upgrade version from the previous Castlevania LCD Chronicles. The game is only available for SONY PSP version with all previous mode including newly added that was remade by Ericard Production, along with the original developer C++ Program from Damon Caskey, who was the creator of Openbor Engine. The game is announced to be release in 6/6/2014.

Castlevania Dracula LCD Chronicles DX[]


Castlevania Dracula LCD Chronicles DX is an upgrade version from the previous Castlevania Dracula LCD Chronicles, DX stands for Deluxe in the title. The game is only available for SONY PSP version with all previous mode with the changes that "Boss Rush Mode" is replaced as Shin Dracula X, able to play with CPU partners in refreshing changes of boss battle, it also remade by Ericard Production. The game is announced to be release in 2/22/2015.

Castlevania Dracula LCD Chronicles Generation[]


The very last version in the Generation is where players able to play more characters and newly update story mode, and even new story mode is added such as Castlevania: Belmont Clan rising and Castlevania: Reminiscence of the Abyss(Reminiscence of the Divine Abyss or Ricordanza of the God's Abyss). More bosses and enemy is added such as Skeleton Archer, Castle Guard, Jiangshi, Minotaur, Paranthropus, Darkwing bat, Lion Knight, Akmodan, Zephyr and more. The new extra character will be added such as Shanoa, Jonathan, Christopher, Leon, Mathias, Hector, Curtis Lang, Michelle Danasty, John Morris, Eric, Juste and Maria, including Mariam from Bloodstained and Takamaru from Takamaru's mysterious demon castle based from Nintendo games in Chronicles of Castlevania mode. There are some characters can perform the assist command to bring NPC character for help such as Alucard, Richter, Julius, Albus, Michelle Danasty, Grant Danasty, Sypha Belnades, Innocent Devils and more. The game is announced to be release in 8/10/2019 for both (PSV, ANDROID, unbalance) PSP and PC platform.



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