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Castlevania NKN is a fan-game based on the Castlevania franchise made by Frequency. The game was released July 2014.


The story follows Marsello, a vampire hunter tasked with killing the vampire in the castle at the top of a nearby hill. Marsello is neither an experienced vampire hunter nor a believing one, having never encountered monsters before, he is skeptical towards his family business.

The game draws inspiration from early Castlevanias for its setting, more as a typical adventure game, but parodying or satirizing the games.


The game is a classic 2D sidescroller based mainly on the Castlevania: Rondo of Blood/Dracula X system, with one whip attack direction, sub weapons and item-crash. It also has a simple magic system and a shop. Some games include NPC characters which may aid the player.

There are three difficulty settings (Easy, Normal and Hard), but people have pointed the game is very challenging even in normal difficulty, but beatable with enough practice.

The game weapons include the whip with 3 different levels, all classic sub-weapons (dagger, holy water, axe, stopwatch, cross) and elemental magic system (fire, earth, wind, lightning, holy).

Each level features cutscenes and a boss fight at the end with 9 levels total.

The game includes a Boss Rush Mode after beating the game, allowing to fight each of the game bosses consecutively. There's also a Bestiary to watch the game's enemies and a Gallery to purchase illustrations from the game.

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