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Danger Spirit is a boss in several Castlevania games.


Danger Spirit takes the form of an old man who can hover in the air, shoot fireballs from his mouth and grow a flame ring around his feet.

His fake form is 10 red objects resembling different crowns and boss remains that spin around in circles in the air.

His true form is a knight made out of flames. He has the same attacks as his old man form except they do twice the damage.

Castlevania: Supernatural[]

In this game, he appears as the final boss of the game where he plans something so dreadful to the other characters in the series, it would knock them dead. Literally! When his 1st form is defeated, he goes to his fake form leading you up to the castle. Then, he goes into real phase 2. When real phase 2 is defeated the ground shakes leaving you with 1 one minute and forty-five seconds to get outside the castle.