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Eric is heir to the Alucard Spear.

Fans Speculation[]

Many fans have speculated that Eric is actually a descendant of a line started by Alucard and Maria Renard after the events of Symphony of the Night, where they are seen running off together in the ending. The surname Lecarde is similar to Alucard and it would explain why Alucard entrusted Eric with his spear. His last name in Japanese is Ricardo, which sounds more like a normal Spanish name, but still sounds like the Japanese "Arucardo". A possible portmanteau of the names Eric and Lecarde in Japanese would point to "Ericardo," which is also similar. Eric's delicate features including his long, wavy, blonde hair might be inherited from Maria, or honestly from Alucard too. Finally, it's been noted that "Eric" is not traditionally a Spanish name, despite that being his canon homeland. The name originated in Scandinavia, but became common in eastern Europe by the middle ages, so Alucard and/or Maria, being from Transylvania would explain this as well.

The game Judgment shed a little light on the subject of Alucard and Maria's relationship to the Lecarde family, but did nothing to prove or disprove any such theories. The Alucard Spear appears to be a spear that Alucard had created with the intention of being used by the Lecarde family while the Morris's were using the Vampire Killer. It is not suggested that it is a "hand-me-down" spear that Alucard had used himself (as suggested by the Saturn version of Nocturne in the Moonlight), though this still is a possibility. Eric refers to Alucard as the one who gave the spear to his ancestors, not his ancestor, so if they are related, the Lecardes may be unaware of the relation.

Eric and Maria met in battle in the time warp in Judgment. He was awe-struck to be in her presence - apparently she was well known to the Lecarde clan. The reason given for her fame is that she had the power equal or greater to that of a Belmont, though it is possible she is also known as the matriarch for the family. Both Maria and Eric are said to come from wealthy families tied to the Belmont clan, which possibly suggests a link. He doesn't say anything that would indicate she was his ancestor though, and she mistakes his interest for being a pervert, which would be exceptionally disturbing if she was in fact his great great great etc grandmother.

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