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This page is an index for event timelines that lists events that in the Castlevania franchise and includes references to fan fictions and non-canon stories that elaborate on some of these events. Purely fan events are not included in this timeline, but some non-canon is. The order of the events may be influenced by fan fiction though.

  • Lament of Innocence Event Timeline - Chronicles the beginning of time, the events of Lament of Innocence, up to when Mathias became Dracula
  • Early Dracula Event Timeline - Chronicles when Mathias became Dracula, Legends, Dracula's Curse, and Curse of Darkness
  • Main Dracula Resurrection Event Timeline - Chronicless era of Dracula's Resurrections that Christopher, Simon, and Richter Belmont faced.
  • Circle of the Moon Event Timeline - Chronicles events of non-canon Circle of the Moon
  • Legacy of Darkness Event Timeline - Chronicles events of non-canon Legacy of Darkness
  • Morris Era Event Timeline - Chronicles events during the time of Quincy, John, and Jonathan Morris
  • Sorrow Event Timeline - Chronicles the Battle of 1999 and games Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow