Here is a list of fan-fics by when they occur.

Leon Belmont Era Fan Fics Edit

Pre-Lament of Innocense Edit

Accursed Fate - just prior to Elizabetha's death

During Lament of Innocense Edit

Post-Lament of Innocense Edit

Castlevania:_Children_of_the_Moonlight - Leon's young daughter's quest

Trevor Belmont Era Fan Fics Edit

Pre-Legends Edit

During Legends Edit

Between Legends and Dracula's Curse Edit

During Dracula's Curse Edit

Between Dracula's Curse and Curse of Darkness Edit

During Curse of Darkness Edit

Not to be Left Out - starts while Julia is tending to Trevor's wounds.

After Curse of Darkness Edit

Christopher Belmont Era Fan Fics Edit

Simon Belmont Era Fan Fics Edit

Richter Belmont Era Fan Fics Edit

Because of You - shortly after the birth of Maria's daughter

Ecclesia Era Fan FicsEdit

Pre-Order of EcclesiaEdit

Order of Ecclesia Fan FicsEdit

Words Left Unsaid - Dracula remembers Lisa's words before the final battle with Shanoa.

Post Order of Ecclesia Fan FicsEdit

Schneider and Graves Era Fan Fics Edit

Morris Era Fan Fics Edit

Julius Belmont Era Fan Fics Edit

Demon Castle Wars Edit

Castlevania Tales: 20th Anniversary Special - An accident causes all of time to unravel (main plot time period)

Pre-Aria of Sorrow Edit

Castlevania: Rondo of Shadows - Takes place in 2012, the story explains that Dracula's soul was scattered around the planet.

Between Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow Edit

Post-Dawn of Sorrow Edit

Sonata of Memories - Soma is a college student now.