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Supporting characters[]

  • Trevor Belmont - Former Vampire Hunter is back to stop the evil Count Dracula along with the others.
  • Alucard Tepes - A ex-heroic vampiric son of Count Dracula who destroy his father's hatred among humans.
  • Grant DaNasty - Pirate thief returns a favor of Trevor's side to slay Dracula once again.
  • Sypha Belnades - A young female mage became the wife of a former Vampire Hunter, Trevor Belmont.


  • Oliver - A young warriow and summoner version of Devil Forgemaster, Hector, he resembles Hector of his white long hair. He's was an orphan along with the other heroes.
  • Coco Belmont - Another hero resembles a former vampire hunter, Trevor Belmont, his parents were lost when he was 19, he became a vampire hunter like Trevor in order to stop Dracula.
  • Bruno DaNasty - Teenage pirate thief can steal anything, but he can do better than his version.
  • Daniel Tepes - A teenage vampire serves the good against evil, Daniel was a powerful ally among the vampire hunters.
  • Janet Belnades - Unlike other Belmonts/Belnades clan, Janet served the side of good, she can cast fire, ice, water and electric spells.


  • Count Dracula - An evil lord vampire is brought back to life by the forces of evil.
  • Isaac - An rival of Hector as a Devil Forgemaster is back.
  • Zead - Under the guise of Death to serve Dracula.


  • Doppelganger - An evil clone will shape shift when the real opponent is copied.
  • Skeleton - A boss version of normal skeletons.