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Castlevania - Horror of Dracula v103 by Frédéric Bouix

Use this patch only on the european version: Castlevania (E)

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Hidden Treasure:

Note: an asterisk (*) denotes an item that is only found in the second quest after you have defeated Dracula.

LEVEL 1 Stage 01 - *. Outside, crouch in front of the black way for 1000 pts.

          1. Jump over the entrance to the castle for 1000 pts.
          *. Stand in front of the window at the top of the three raised
             platforms for 1000 pts.

Stage 02 - 1. Whip last floor block at the end of the underground section,

             then crouch on lowest block for 1000 pts.

Stage 03 - None

LEVEL 2 Stage 04 - 1. Climb first stairs, whip blocks on the right, then walk into gap

             for 2000 pts.

Stage 05 - 1. Stand on the left block of the two raised blocks for a couple

             seconds for 2000 pts.

Stage 06 - *. Stand between right and center spiked ceilings for a few seconds

             for a 1-up! Tip: Jump to lure a Small Medusa into appearing high
             so that it will safely fly over your head while you remain idle.
          1. After climbing the stairs, wait between the 2nd and 3rd pillars,
             counting from the right for 1000 pts.

LEVEL 3 Stage 07 - *. Crouch on the platform at the top of the stairs at the beginning

             of the second section for 4000 pts.
          1. Before you reach the last White Skeleton, duck (or fall) on one
             of the low platforms for 1000 pts.

Stage 08 - 1. After climbing the stairs, crouch just before the 2nd candle.

             Go left for 1000 pts.

Stage 09 - 1. In the Mummies' room, keep walking left on the block above the

             first stationary Mummy for 0 pts. LOL.

LEVEL 4 Stage 10 - None Stage 11 - None Stage 12 - None

LEVEL 5 Stage 13 - 1. From the left high plateform on the last screen of the stage,

             jump to the left to take an invisible bridge. Jump over 
             invisibles holes (!) and keep walking left into the wall for a 

Stage 14 - 1. After taking the first set of stairs leading downward, wait in

             the middle of the hollow to the right for 1000 pts.
          *. Whip the closed door and wait beside the wall for 1000 pts.
          2. Take the final set of stairs leading upward, then go right, and
             land on the two isolated blocks for 1000 pts.

Stage 15 - None

LEVEL 6 Stage 16 - None Stage 17 - 1. After going downstairs to the third screen, head right instead

             of going left. On the right end of the gear, crouch for 1000 pts.

Stage 18 - None