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An incredibly difficult game with a very tiny hero known as "The Kid." The Kid's only commands are shooting, jumping twice, and (in rare cases) wall jumping. The kid does not have any hit points as one hit from any form of hazard is GAME OVER. Combines elements from many different franchises, including Castlevania. The intro with Richter Vs. Dracula is even straight from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, even including the glass throwing scene. However, a slight variation is that the glass is thrown at you after the following quote: "What is a man?"[1]

Even some castlevania enemies are included:

  • The Witch from Aria of Sorrow, which charges towards the clock tower on a broom before falling to the ground.
  • The Medusa Head, which knocks The Kid back and petrifies him for a few seconds. As such, this enemy is less lethal than most other hazards in the game.
  • Ectoplasm, which support Dracula during the boss fight.
  • Dracula, the usual boss of the Castlevania series, with the following attacks:
    • Twin wave-like projectiles.
    • An attack reminiscent of Hellfire, where he shoots three variable-speed "delicious fruits," the signature hazard item in the game.
    • An attack reminiscent of dark Inferno, where he launches a moon at the kid.
    • An attack that launches a spiral of delicious fruit all around the room.
    • A homing fire attack.
    • A rain of fire, which covers the entire floor with burning fire. The sprites used for this is the Podoboos from the Super Mario Bros series.
    • A final transformation to a more powerful form, Waddle Doo

During the introduction of the final boss of the game, The Guy, The Kid repeats the first line of Richter Vs. Dracula again with "Die Monster" but immediately cuts himself off with a surprise with "WHOZAWHAT? YOU!?"


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