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The youngest Belmont to reach combat and close relative of Yoko Belnades, Julius Belmont and Alucard, Jonathan-Francis K. Rose (Later self-renamed simply Jonathan Belmont) is the Belmont sucessor to Julius. He is a natural Warrior and prefers to use a Naginata or Katana, but will also use other short-shords and knifes if given a choice. However, his favorite weapon is the Vampire Killer whip. Being born the day of Dracula's demise, he recieve his fair share of Dracula's powers; mixed with traditional vampire hunting weapons, Jonathan (not to be mistaken for Jonathan Morris) is, in theory, the ulitmate warrior. At the age of 13, he runs away into the wilderness to escape the stress of school; where he enters an enchanted area, where he remains, frozen in time, until 2039, when Castlevania calls his name.

Full Name: Jonathan-Francis Rose

Special Abilities: Soul Steal, Control over some Glyphs, Belnade Spells, Hellfire, Dark Inferno, Teleportation

Weapon of Choice: Enchanted Naginata, Vampire Killer, Alucard Sword, Cerimonial Dagger
Age: Frozen in time at age 13, would be 40 years old.
Seperate Selves: After a battle with Yoko Belnades seperated into 3 seperate people, Jonathan Belmont, Jonathan Tepes, and an unnamed embodiment of the heroic side of Jonathan.