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Julius Belmont is the man who put down Dracula for good.

Julius in Fan Games[]

  • Julius Belmont HoD Hack - A Harmony of Dissonance hack featuring Julius Belmont.
  • Cast - A hack of Aria of Sorrow that involves Julius Belmont.
  • Castlevania Fighter - Julius is one of several playable characters in Serio's Castlevania Fighter

Julius in Fan Fiction[]

See also Aria of Sorrow Fan Fiction and Dawn of Sorrow Fan Fiction

  • Castlevania Tales: 20th Anniversary Special (major role) - In the year 1999, the Demon Castle Wars rage relentlessly, with Julius Belmont at the forefront of every battle. However, after a freak accident splits time, the ripples threaten to end not only the war but all of time itself.
  • Castlevania: Genesis of Sorrow (major role) - The protagonist, Anian Fignirf, joins Julius Belmont on his journey to Romania and fights in the Demon Castle War. After Dracula is sealed, Anian writes a novel of the events but never has it published. Anian dies some time later. His younger brother Locnil (the avatar of author Shadow Darkman) finds the novel some time after Anian's death and reads it with his wife. (This fanfic is currently on indefinite hiatus.)

Julius in Fan Art[]

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Neo Beowulf's Young Julius Belmont Series

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