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This page lists the different events that occur in the Castlevania franchise during the Lament of Innocence era and includes references to fan fictions and non-canon stories that elaborate on some of these events. See Event Timeline for an list of all Event Timelines. Purely fan events are not included in this timeline, but some non-canon is. The order of the events may be influenced by fan fiction though.

Before Lament of Innocence[]

Mathias's Family Creates Book of Alchemy[]

Crimson Stone and Ebony Stone Created[]

Canon: In an effort to create the Philosopher's Stone (which provides eternal youth), alchemists create the Crimson Stone (which uses a vampire's soul as power for its master, contains the curse of the Vampire, and allows the control of Death) and Ebony Stone (which creates a zone of eternal night) are created. These stones are the greatest treasure for those who become vampires. No detail of how they were created remain and they have been lost.

Canon Source: Rinaldo tells the tale after Leon defeats Joachim.

Speculation: As masters of alchemy, it is often speculated that one of Mathias's ancestors created these stones. Then becoming lost may be them being hidden from the world to prevent their use. They were probably kept by the Cronqvist family though, which would be how Mathias could have possessed.

Mathias Cronqvist Born (1062)[]

Leon Belmont is Born (1072)[]

Canon: Leon Belmont is Born (date is semi-canon)

Semi-Canon Source: LOI Perfect Guide

Speculation: Leon's father was a Belmont. Leon had great pride in idea of the "Belmont Clan" and was confident that its future generations would be capable of hunting the night, so he was probably born into a clan of warriors. These warriors probably did not have any previous run ins with Demons though, as Leon is considered the first.

Mathias's Education[]

Canon:Mathias was a genius tactician and a man of great learning. He became the "only man who truly understood alchemy".

Semi-Canon: He is called Cronqvist the Wise

Canon Source: According to the prologue, Mathias is described as "a genius tactician whose learning made him an exception in a largely illiterate society". Rinaldo tells of his expertise in alchemy. Semi-Canon Source: LOI Perfect Guide

Speculation: Mathias's family maintained a great book on alchemy. Education would have been a family tradition. Mathias probably received his education as a young boy. Education was usually reserved for aristocratic families, so his background was probably upper class and noble.

Fan Fictions: Prelude to the Dark Abyss

Caution: Fan Fiction Spoilers Ahead

Prelude Spoilers: In this fan fiction, Mathias was educated in Moslems lands.

Sarah Trantoul is Born(1076 AD)[]

Canon: Sarah is born to a wealthy merchant (date is semi-canon).

Canon Source: Instruction manual says she is the daughter of a merchant.

Semi-Canon Source: Date is from LOI Perfect Guide

Leon Loses Both Parents[]

Semi-Canon: Leon loses both his parents when he is very young.

Semi-Canon Source: LOI Perfect Guide

Speculation: It is not clear what type of family Leon came from. As he himself was a baron and pledged to marry the daughter of an influential businessman, his family may have been well to do. If he was in this position because of his own deeds, there is no way to know what his parents' background was like. It is not clear who raised Leon or the manner in which his parents died. It may have something to do with his drive to become the greatest knight. His father was a Belmont and that may need to be all we need to know about him.

Leon Becomes a Knight (1088)[]

Semi-Canon: Leon becomes a knight at the age of 16 after distinguishing himself

Semi-Canon Source: LOI Perfect Guide

Speculation: One can only imagine what sort of things Leon did to prove himself before he was knighted.

Rinaldo Meets Mathias[]

Canon: Rinaldo knew Mathias before Leon did

Canon Source: Rinaldo says so.

Speculation: Rinaldo may have learned all he knew from the Cronqvist family. He attested that the only one who really knows how alchemy works is Mathias. He knew about their book of alchemy and perhaps learned how to create the whip of alchemy from that book. He may have known Mathias from when he was very young.

Walter Turns Rinaldo's Daughter (1089)[]

Canon: Walter turns Rinaldo's daughter into a vampire.

Canon Source: Walter tells the tale.

Speculation: Walter was probably curious about the fighting abilities of a renowned alchemist Rinaldo. He turned his daughter at some point and later lures Rinaldo into the castle with her.

Rinaldo's Family Massacred (1089)[]

Canon: Rinaldo's wife and son are killed by what appears to be his daughter.

Canon Source: The Succubus and Rinaldo tell the story.

Whip of Alchemy Created (1089)[]

Canon: Rinaldo builds the whip of alchemy to avenge his family upon Walter.

Canon Source: Rinaldo tells the tale.

Rinaldo Pursues His Daughter[]

Canon: Rinaldo chases his daughter.

Canon Source: Rinaldo tells the tale.

Speculation: Rinaldo somehow knew that Walter was the one who had turned his daughter, perhaps because he was the only vampire around or else he had simply let it be known. After he created the whip, he entered the castle with the intention of meeting with his daughter and defeat Walter. He may have wanted to strike down his daughter with the whip to unleash the whip's full power. He ultimately failed.

Rinaldo Faces the Succubus[]

Canon: Rinaldo faces with the Succubus, who appears to him in the guise of his daughter.

Canon Source: Succubus tells the tale

Speculation: This probably happened in the castle, perhaps in the same haunted opera where Leon faced her. The Succubus took the guise of his daughter and probably fought him as such. Rinaldo probably defeated her, but was unable to deal the killing blow to who he thought was his daughter. He may have realized then that he was did not have it in him to complete the whip. It is not clear what became of his real daughter and Rinaldo moved on to face Walter with an incomplete whip. It is not clear how Rinaldo could have unlocked the seal necessary to face Walter without first destroying the Succubus.

Rinaldo Challenges Walter[]

Canon: Rinaldo challenges Walter, but nothing comes of it.

Canon Source: Rinaldo tells the tale.

Speculation: Rinaldo reaches Walter, perhaps in the same location that Leon first faced Walter. Rinaldo finds that he and his whip were simply not strong enough to damage the ancient vampire. Walter decides to spare his life, perhaps not believing it was worth his time to kill the old man.

Rinaldo Builds a House in Eternal Night[]

Canon: Unable to defeat Walter, Rinaldo builds a house outside of Walter's castle in Eternal Night and aids those who possibly can. He erects a barrier to keep out demons. Walter permits this because he thinks it makes the "game" more fun.

Canon Source: Rinaldo tells the tale. The barrier reacts to Sarah when she has been tainted.

Speculation: Rinaldo probably started his quest with a set of magical relics that he had acquired. Over the years, he would aid travelers by giving them the ability to use the relics, and perhaps giving them one of the magical relics to use. When those men died, the relics would remain in the castle until another adventurer found them. Rinaldo probably made the adventurers pay for his potions so that he could obtain more from his sources. Rinaldo may find that he is unable to leave Eternal Night due to Walter's control of the area though.

Mathias and Elizabetha Meet[]

Canon: Mathias and Elizabetha must have met at some point.

Canon Source: Elizabeth and Mathias are married


Mathias and Elizabetha Marry[]

Canon: Mathias and Elizabetha married

Canon Source: Elizabetha is described as Mathias's beloved wife. Speculation: There is no reference to any children through this marriage, but it is possible.

Leon and Mathias Meet[]

Canon: Leon and Mathias were friends for a long time

Canon Source: Prologue states "They trusted each other completely and were bound by an old friendship."

Speculation: They must have met at some point. How far back it is is unclear, but the friendship is "old". They probably met each other while in the line of duty. They probably did not know each other as children because Rinaldo states that he knew Mathias before Leon did. Leon did not seem to know Rinaldo, so they probably met after Rinaldo built his cottage in Eternal Night.

Fan Fiction: Prelude to the Dark Abyss (Chapter 1)

Caution, Fan Fiction Spoilers Below

Prelude Spoilers: In this fan fiction, Mathias is a warrior of the Byzantine Empire while Leon is a French knight just arrived to aid the empire against the Ottoman Empire in the Crusades. Leon saves Mathias' life during one of his campaigns, thus starting a long friendship.

Leon and Mathias's First Campaign[]

Canon: Leon and Mathias were part of the same company and must have had a first campaign.


Fan Fiction: Prelude to the Dark Abyss Chapter 4

Caution: Fan Fiction Spoilers Ahead

Prelude Spoilers: Mathias sends Leon on a mission and he accepts. He was to keep an eye on some of the Crusaders and determine if there was any treachery. He is captured by Moslems and tortured and is then rescued by Mathias.

Leon and Sarah Meet[]

Canon: Leon and Sarah must have met at some point.


Fan Fiction: Prelude to the Dark Abyss Chapter 6

Caution: Fan Fiction Spoilers Ahead

Prelude Spoilers: Sarah was a servant of Elizabetha Cronqvist and came to the battlefield when Elizabetha came to visit Mathias. She met Leon when he was unconscious due to being tortured and nursed him back to health.

Leon Becomes a Baron[]

Canon: Leon is a baron and owns land

Canon Source: Leon is referred to a Baron and the monsters appear on his land.

Speculation: It is not known if the title of Baron is something that Leon inherited or something he earned in battle. His betrothed Sarah is the daughter of a wealthy land owner, so he may also be of an wealthy family.

Fan Fiction: Prelude to the Dark Abyss Chapter 7

Caution: Fan Fiction Spoilers Ahead

Prelude Spoilers: Leon was granted a title of Baron by the Byzantine empire as a result of his deeds shortly after his recovery. This title allowed him to remain fighting with Mathias and be with Sarah rather than return to the western army.

Leon and Mathias's Company Gain Reputation[]

Canon: Leon and Mathias's company was said to be invincible. They fight in the Crusades.

Canon Source: Prologue says "In this age, one company of knights was said to be invincible due to two men. Leon Belmont, a courageous man who feared nothing and whose combat abilities were second to none, and Mathias Cronqvist, a genious tactician, whose learning made him an exception in a largely illiterate society. The prologue indicates that the Crusades are raging in the East. Mathias remarks that they were fighting for God.

Mathias's Last Campaign (1093 AD)[]

Canon: Mathias's last campaign (which was victorias) was right before his wife's death.

Canon Source: Prologue says "However, sorrow awaited Mathias upon his return from a victorious campaign. It was news of the sudden death of his beloved wife, Elizabetha. Mathias's grief was profound and he became bedridden."

Speculation: Leon was probably with Mathias during his last campaign.

Fanfictions: Accursed Fate Prelude to the Dark Abyss Chapter 8

Accursed Fate Spoilers: Mathias's last campaign was against Albigensian heretics. The King ordered him to take part in the battle, despite the fact that he wanted to be near his wife to administer her medication. Prelude Spoilers: Mathias and Leon's last campaign together involved a trap laid out by Mathias. They were intentionally taken captive so that they could open the gates from the inside. A messenger tells him that his wife has fallen ill and he rushes to see her, but it is too late.

Elizabetha Dies[]

Canon: Elizabetha died suddenly of an illness. She was always concerned for Mathias until the very end.

Canon Source: Prologue says "However, sorrow awaited Mathias upon his return from a victorious campaign. It was news of the sudden death of his beloved wife, Elizabetha. Mathias's grief was profound and he became bedridden." The LOI Perfect Guide says that she died of an illness. Mathias tells that she was always concerned for him. Speculation:

Fan Fictions: Accursed Fate Prelude to the Dark Abyss Chapter 9

Caution, fan fiction spoilers follow

Accursed Fate Spoilers: Elizabetha dies because a priest tells her not to take a potion made with alchemy that Mathias had given her, telling her that such things were sinful as they tried to meddle with issues of life which was God's domain. Prelude Spoiler: Mathias returns too late from the battlefield and she has died.

Mathias Declares War on God[]

Canon: Upon hearing of his wife's death, Mathias becomes very angry with God for allowing this to happen, despite the years of service he had given him. He resolves to become a vampire with the Crimson Stone, so that he can defy God's mandate that humans' lifespans be limited.

Canon Source: Mathias tells the tale


Fanfictions: Accursed Fate

Caution, fan fiction spoilers ahead

Accurse Fate Spoilers: Mathias is enraged that one of God's messengers was the reason his wife had not taken the potion and lost her life. He blames God, kills the priest, and tells him to send God a message of his declaration of war.

Mathias Claims the Crimson Stone[]

Canon: Mathias possesses the Crimson Stone. In order to give him power, he crafts a plan to take the soul of Walter, a powerful vampire.

Canon Source: Death obeys the owner of the Crimson Stone, he uses Walter's soul to power the stone at the end of the game.

Speculation: Because of his family background in alchemy, it is often speculated that the Crimson Stone itself was passed down through his family. It is speculated that Mathias only started using it after he declared war on God. The only known thing that the Crimson Stone can do without a power source is cause Death to serve him. It is speculated that Mathias entered into a contract with Death when he "activated" the stone. He probably also found the Ebony Stone in the same manner and "gave" it to Walter.

Mathias is Bedridden[]

Canon: Mathias is and/or pretends to be bedridden.

Canon Source: According to the prologe, "However, sorrow awaited Mathias upon his return from a victorious campaign. It was news of the sudden death of his beloved wife, Elizabetha. Mathias's grief was profound and he became bedridden."

Speculation: The end of the game reveals Mathias to be perfectly healthy. Leon probably believed Mathias was still bedridden and was surprised to see him. Mathias may have faked his illness all along.

Leon Battles Without Mathias[]

Canon: Leon continues for a year to lead his company to victory after Mathias is bedridden.

Canon Source: Prologue says "A year has passed since then. Thanks to Leon's efforts, their company remains proudly undefeated."


Leon and Sarah Are Engaged[]

Canon: Leon and Sarah become betrothed

Canon Source: The prologue describes Sara as "Leon's betrothed".

Walter turns Joachim[]

Seimi-Canon: Joachim was a human who was turned by Walter and begins serving him.

Semi-Canon Source: The Japanese Konami Website and LOI Perfect guide both say indicate that he was turned into a vampire by Walter. The Perfect Guide describes his later struggle as a rebellion.

Speculation: Little is known about what kind of man Joachim was before he was turned and how long ago that may have been or how long it took him before he openly rebelled. It is possible that Walter turned Joachim in order to aid him in his quest to find the Ebony and Crimson Stones.

Walter Gains the Ebony Stone[]

Canon: After being lost for ages, Walter somehow obtains the Ebony Stone. He also seeks the Crimson Stone.

Canon Source: Joachim and Rinaldo indicate that he has it. Rinaldo and Leon describe it as having resurfaced recently.

Speculation: The Ebony and Crimson stones seem to have resurfaced at about the same time. The Ebony stone was probably in Mathias's family's possess and Mathias set events into motion that lead to Walter obtaining the stone. It is possible that both stones were originally in Walter's Castle and that Mathias gave Walter a tip as to their existence. Joachim may have been turned for the very purpose of aiding Walter find the Ebony and Crimson stones. Joachim may have turned on his master the moment Walter equipped the Ebony Stone. He may even have succeeded in defeating Walter, as he claimed that if it weren't for the Ebony Stone, he would have defeated him. Death would have revealed himself and intervened at that point though and appeared to aid Walter with his power, perhaps resurrecting him. Walter then asserted his power over Joachim and imprisoned him for his impudence. Walter never did find the Crimson Stone, as it was firmly in Mathias' possession, however, he never did give up searching either. It is also possible that Walter had been in possession of the stone for a long time though, perhaps by the time of Rinaldo's challenge, but not for "too" long.

Joachim Rebels[]

Canon: Joachim challenges Walter. and attributes his loss to the fact that he did not possess the Ebony or Crimson stones. Semi-Canon: Joachim's challenge is a rebellion against the one who made him a vampire. His goal was to become the master of Walter's castle.

Canon Source: Joachim tells the tale of his fight against Walter. Joachim mode shows him smugly sitting in the castle throne upon victory, which is consistent with that being his goal. Semi-Canon Source: The Konami website and LOI Perfect guide.

Speculation: The resurfacing of the Ebony Stone may have been the event that caused Joachim to make his move, probably intending on obtaining it for himself or perhaps find the Crimson Stone. Joachim beating Walter is an alternate storyline, as him being defeated and imprisoned by Walter is canon.

Joachim Imprisoned[]

Canon: As punishment for rebellion, Walter locks Joachim up behind some waterfalls. He is now a part of the "game" as vengeance seeking adventurers must get through him in order to get to Walter.

Canon Source: In the story.

Speculation: Joachim may have been imprisoned rather than destroyed because he had gained the appearance of invulnerability and eternal life. Walter may have known about the source of his invulnerability though and just left it to one of the adventurers to figure out how to defeat him.

Monsters Appear (1094 AD)[]

Canon: Monsters appear in Leon's domain a year after Elizabetha's death.

Canon Source: Prologue says "However, a mysterious army of monsters suddenly appears in Leon's domain". It later says "One night, Mathias struggles from his sickbed and tells Leon that the appearance of the monsters is tied to a vampire, who has a castle in the Forest called Eternal Night."

Speculation: The monsters probably appeared due to Death's abilities, who pretends to serve Walter. Perhaps this happened the moment Walter obtained the Ebony Stone. Mathias at some point had told Walter about the prowess of Leon Belmont. The monsters appearing in Leon's domain may have been for some sort of demonstration of Leon's ability. However, because the church forbade him from fighting and he obeyed them, so Leon doesn't provide that demonstration.

Leon Forbidden to Fight Monsters[]

Canon: Leon asked permission to fight the monsters who appeared in his domain, as the church forbids unauthorized battles. The church, wanting victory in the Crusades more than fighting monsters interested in fighting monsters, forbids its.

Canon Source: Prologue says "The Crusades are raging in the East, and since the Church is focusing on fighting heathens rather than monsters, it has forbidden unauthorized battles. Leon wants permission to sortie, but the Church has no intention of granting it.

Speculation: It seems very irresponsible to ignore monsters wandering around, but the Church feels that the Crusades are a higher priority.

Mathias Meets with Walter[]

Canon: Mathias meets with Walter and tells him of Leon and how to make the whip a formidable challenge.

Canon Source: Walter remarks that the whip was ineffective, just as "that knight" had told him so. Walter remarks that Leon "enjoyed" the gift (of power) that he gave him. Rinaldo says that the spell that allows the whip to become complete was one of the forbidden spells contained in the books Mathias' family kept.

Semi-Canon: Mathias tells Walter to kidnap Sarah.The LOI Perfect Guide indicates

Semi-Canon Source: LOI Perfect Guide

Speculation: Walter may have been eager to find someone worthy to use his newfound powers against which the Ebony Stone gave him. Mathias tells him the tale of how Rinaldo's whip could become a true danger to him. Walter would need to taint the loved one of a hero and Rinaldo would perform the spell. Since Walter believes that even if he should die, his possession of the Ebony Stone guarantees that Death will be resurrect him, he does not believe he is really taking a chance and relishes the thought of a true battle. Mathias would have told him that Leon would provide a most satisfying battle and would be most likely to be able to wield the might of the whip. He tells him to kidnap Sarah and draw Leon into the castle.

Walter Kidnaps Sarah[]

Canon: Walter kidnaps Leon's betrothed, Sarah, and brings her to his castle. He does this to lure Leon into the castle for entertainment and a challenge.

Canon Source: Prologue says "One night, Mathias struggles from his sickbed and tells Leon that the appearance of the monsters is tied to a vampire, who has a castle in the Forest called Eternal Night, and that Leon's betrothed, Sara, has been kidnapped and brought to the Castle." Rinaldo tells Leon that it is Walter MO to take someone important to them to lure them to the Castle and then play a cat and mouse game. Walter remarks that what the knight told him (Mathias) about Leon was true.

Leon Renounces his Title[]

Canon: Because the church forbids authorized battles, Leon renounces his title to rescue Sarah. Because of his honesty, he returns his sword to the company, as it was their property. He is no longer a knight or a baron. Canon Source: Prologue says "Leon realizes that he must renounce his title to rescue his beloved." Leon tells Rinaldo that he renounced his title and that they are equals now. Leon comes into the castle unarmed, intending on using a dead man's sword.

During Lament of Innocence[]

After Lament of Innocence[]

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