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  • Castlevania Tales: 20th Anniversary Special (major role) - Time has shattered. While searching for Richter Belmont, Maria has a very scary encounter with a younger and more angry Alucard than the one she has gotten to know.
  • Because of You (secondary role) - When Maria's child is predicted to become a force of ultimate good, she must pass her daughter to Alucard to raise, instead of her and her own husband.

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It is speculated by fans that Maria and Alucard could have children that could bear the last name of Lecarde. Regardless of whether she was their ancestor, stories of Maria's exploits were passed down through the Lecarde family and she became famous for having a power that rivaled that of a Belmont[1]. When Eric Lecarde entered the timerift, he was amazed to be in Maria's presence. As established in the Order of Ecclesia, at some point in history, the Belmonts vanish completely. A possible theory is that long after Maria passes away, the Vampire Killer whip maintained a memory of her as it did with Richter Belmont, the last Belmont to use the whip before their return in the 20th century[2].

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  1. Castlevania: Judgment
  2. Maria is a playable character in Portrait of Ruin, which does not have any relevance to its story, but is grounds for speculation.