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Mister Tyrant Dracula is a character from the Gunshot's Saga series.

Story []

Formerly was known to be a teacher nicknamed Establecement Evil, however, during 2000 and 2001 was devoted to discover with a colleague, how to discover how to be immortal and to be like a god to dominate the corrupt world.

His experiment ended in numerous failures but after several attempts, terrible virus which they named after the Necroenza of the Badnaguer family.

After the incident zombie, minutes later, decided to combine Mr. T.'s Necroenza virus with one that was the main prototype Necroenza virus, causing it was completely mutated into a creature with knives, stripped of all human nature.

This new monster called Monster Tyrant, first murderer to his coworker and then began with the killing of anyone who passed by the establishment, Mario El Chico Top (his nickname for girls), was a person who he had survived the attacks and for minutes decided to join the survivors who nicknamed him since that night, the Zombie Hunters, however, would be killed product of their knives minutes later.

For many moments, Sebastian EXE creature was eluding because it was considered fatal for his attempt to escape, but also crossed knives Neo Snake meat, or so they thought.

After several meetings, Monster Tyrant ends infecting with its powerfull of Sebastian was dangerous work to create the virus and heal him.

Now with the antivirus pumping of his heart as a secret weapon, Sebastian faces and destroys Monster Tyrant and his without dying to say the only human words.

After the grave explosion of the place, it does not know anything more than Janne EXE was dead until 3 years later

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