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Not to be Left Out is a Castlevania: Curse of Darkness fan-fiction by Suzu-chan.

Official Description[]

[CoD] If you ever wondered what happened to Trevor after Isaac wounded him, here's a take on it. TrevorxSypha

The Story[]

Established Characters[]

  • Sypha - Sorceress who helped Trevor defeat Dracula and is now pregnant with their second child. Retrieves the wounded Trevor and irritated that he went alone.
  • Trevor - Attempts to defeat Dracula again alone believing it would be an easy task this time around. Isaac grievously wounds him in order to obtain his blood which acts as a key to the Infinite Corridor.
  • Julia - Young witch who brings back Trevor from the brink of death while trying to aid Hector. Looks an awfull lot like his dead wife.

Referenced Established Characters[]

  • Hector - One of two devil forgemasters and protagonist of Curse of Darkness. Defeats Trevor in battle in a test to see if he is worthy.
  • Isaac - The other devil forgemaster and devoted servant of Dracula. Is heavily under the influence of Dracula's curse.
  • Grant - Trevor's best friend who helped him defeat Dracula. Had lost his entire family in a conflict with Dracula.
  • Alucard - Son of Dracula and possibly Trevor's father. Is now in an "eternal" sleep after his fight with his father.
  • Sonia Belmont - The first Belmont to defeat Dracula and Trevor's mother.
  • Dracula - Dark lord seeking resurrection via the body of a Devil Forgemaster. Defeated by Trevor, Sypha, Grant, and Alucard three years ago, and a generation ago by Sonia.

Original Characters[]

  • Jacob Belmont - Firstborn child of Trevor and Sypha.