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Fan made videos featuring Richter Belmont.

Rondo of Blood Parodies[]

thumb|500px|right|Castlevania: Rondo of Blood in Brief thumb|500px|right|Castlevania: Burrito Of Blood

Final Stage: Bloodlines Parodies[]

thumb|500px|right|Press Start: Symphony of the Trite thumb|500px|right|CastleVania Symphony Of The Night (Parody) Alternate Pro thumb|500px|right|Castlevania: The Lego Symphony of the Night thumb|500px|right|Castlevania - The Idiotic Parody thumb|500px|right|Castlevania Homage thumb|500px|right|Manga Fest 2007 Argentina - Castlevania SOTN Cosplayers thumb|500px|right

Richter vs Alucard Parodies[]

thumb|500px|right|Castlevania Rhapsody of Ruin - Alucard vs Richter flash video thumb|500px|right|Alucard vs. Richter Belmont in Soul Calibur III thumb|500px|right|Anima Osasco 2 - Cosplay Show - Castlevania

Wisps of Dracula[]

thumb|500px|right|Castlevania: Wisps of Dracula - by Peter Chimaera thumb|500px|right|Castlevania: Wisps of Dracula: By Peter Chimaera: NOW IN SPRITE FORM

Richter Music Videos[]

thumb|500px|right|Richter Belmont by ericard thumb|500px|right|New Castlevania Richter Belmont Theme Normal Version thumb|500px|right|Fastmotion Gameplay Tribute thumb|500px|right|Slideshow tribute thumb|500px|right|Another slide show tribute thumb|500px|right|The Richter Belmont theme collection

Other Cosplay Skits[]

thumb|500px|right|NYAF 2007 - #12 Slipping Through My Fingers