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Fan Fiction[]

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  1. The Chronicles of Malus - Malus Crescent: Child prodigy or dark lord incarnate? That decision is left up to him to decide. With the influence loved ones and even those not so loved, the boy can only be one or the other. His destiny and friend's fate hang in the balance.
  2. The Sacrifice - This takes place 10 years after Malus' bad ending in CastleVania64. Malus kidnaps Carrie and plans to use her as a sacrifice to obtain her powers. A somewhat sequel to my other story, The Chronicles of Malus.
  3. Thinking Twice - As the random Belmont or adventurer if you choose goes through Dracula's castle, he happens to meet an unexpected guest... Very short read. Extra funnies as well!
  4. The Legend of Cornell - The life of a manwolf isn't always easy. Things tend to get abit more complicated, adopting a young man,the dark lord being after you and a friend betrays you. Can Cornell triumph over it all...?
  5. The Chronicles of Malus The Man - As Malus grows older, the loses and experiences of Dracula's castle still haunt him. Yet by an expectant hope sent from foreign travelers, Malus makes haste towards the dark castle he vowed never to return to.

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