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Ryan Is a fan-made character,and the servent of alucard.


When Alucard was about to defeat Dracula in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night,the count used some of his power to cast a curse upon a random person of the entire transylvania.

This unlucky person was Ryan,a young man that lived in a village far from the castle,he didn't felt the curse penetrating his soul,but he was YET to feel.

At the age of 16,the curse possesed his soul,and he attacked and killed his whole family,the truth was,when the person met the age of 16,the darkness in the curse would take over his body,and he would start looking for his new master,Alucard.

For 2 whole years,he roamed over transylvania looking for Alucard,but only at the age of 19,he manged to find his master,around that time,Ryan already noticed he HAS to serve alucard,or he will die.

In their first travels,he didn't got any kind of liking for Alucard,but as time went on,he started to get used to beign around him.

Then one day,they were attacked by a group of asssins,ryan was stabbed in his heart,but he didn't died,thus meaning that the curse immortalized him,he was supecting already,because even at the age of 20,he still looked like a 16-year-old adolescent.

then the year 2035 came,ryan and alucard headed to japan to check out what was hapenning. (Around the Aria Of Sorrow and Dawn Of Sorrow,he secretly helped Arikado/Alucard and Yoko Belnades).

After Those Events,they began working togheter again,after ruiniting with Soma Cruz,Jonathan Morris,Charlotte Oun,and Shanoa, they had to wait for more 100 years to destroy dracula.

But as long the Wait,the bigger the trouble,this time,for unknow reason,dracula's castle has risen after 150 years,But they were ready,as always.

They entered the castle,only to get separated for some time,after some time,alucard meeted up with a succubus,the demoness tried to kill him,but she was stopped by Ryan at the right moment,She tried to corrupt him as well,showing the scene where he killed his family,trying to convince him that what he Did was Right,but he risested and killed the succubus without any mercy.

After some time of traveling trough the castle,they make it to the castle keep,when they meet dracula he asks "This was the human that i encursed?Pathetic.'

Ryan didn't listen to those words at all,and helped alucard fight and defeat the count,then he discovered Dracula made a mistake,he developed the curse,to,when dracula dies again,the person would be freed,but dracula never dies,so Ryan would have to follow him forever,but the two managed to free him from the curse,Ryan was free,but since he killed everyone important to him,he did not have a purpose in life at all,so he decided to keep serving alucard,some say that he still serves him.


It is unknown what his second name is.


Name: Ryan

Age:More than 150 years old,but looks like a 16 year old


Personality:Friendly and determined

Relatives:Alucard(Master),Soma Cruz(Friend),Yoko Belnades(Teached him some spells),Jonathan Morris(Close Friend,Kinda like John Morris and Eric Lecarde were) Charlotte Aulin(Love Interest)