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Slogra and Gaibon are direct reports to Death.

CastleVania: Bloodlust of the Countess

Bloodlust Slogra

Slogra in Mike Erickson's Castlevania: Bloodlust of the Countess comic adaptation.

In the Morris-side of Mike Erickson's comic book adaptation of Andrew Modeen's CastleVania: Bloodlust of the Countess, Slogra and Gaibon are seen assaulting John Morris during his flight to Veros.

Kid Dracula in: The Reason I Became a Dancer


Slogra as Warrenheim Sloggington III in Kid Dracula in: The Reason I Became a Dancer; by Kurt Kalata, reinterpreted by Jeff Sanabria.

In Kurt Kalata's comic, Kid Dracula in: The Reason I Became a Dancer, Slogra makes an appearance under the characterization of Warrenheim Sloggington III, an aristrocratic creature whom decides to assist Kid Dracula and Metal Gear in defeating his father's rival, the evil vampire Neclord.


Slogaibon (16-bit)

Slogaibon (16-Bit) as he appears in the Flash series ParoVadius, by Eric Roman.

In Eric Roman's ParoVadius Flash series, Slogra and Gaibon combine their powers to become Slogaibon and square off against the various threats to Konami World.

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