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It is possible that Soleiyu was the father of Desmond (who would wield the Vampire Killer whip in the game Castlevania: Order of Shadows, Zoe, and Dolores. The reasoning behind this is that the game Order of Shadows takes place in the 1600s, which would place it in between Castlevania: Belmont's Revenge and the original Castlevania, if one uses the traditional Japanese timeline of events. If the Vampire Killer whip was passed down father to son as is normally the case, it would have passed down from Christopher Belmont, to Soleiyu Belmont (assuming it didn't pass down to a brother of his), to his son (who could be Desmond Belmont), to his son (who could be Simon Belmont). This possibility also requires that the game Belmont's Revenge is canonical to Order of Shadows, which is unclear. Since the number of generations between Soleiyu to Desmond is not known, it is also possible that Soleiyu's son was Desmond's father.

If it is the case the Soleiyu is Desmond's father, then it appears that he was given the vampire killer whip after he had been rescued from his father. However, perhaps in part due to his experience harboring Dracula's spirit, he was unable to use the whip at its full power. He would marry and have three children. While his children were very young, he and his wife encountered Dracula's follower Rohan Krause, who was able to kill them due to Soleiyu's inability to use the whip effectively.

Even if Soleiyu's son was Desmond's father, it is possible that Soleiyu's experience with Dracula's power made the Belmont Clan unable to utilize the whip at its full power for generations until Desmond defeated Rohan Krause.

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