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A Symphony of the Night parody fan-fiction by mooncalf.

Official Description[]

"I can't be the first person to think of this. Can I? So there you are, playing the incredibly graceful and beautiful vampire Alucard, sweeping through this castle; and you find... well, I guess that's a spoiler, isn't it? Anyway, I took a tiny part of the game and turned it into this thing. It's an idea that grabbed my hindbrain and wouldn't let go, no matter how long I ignored it, how many times I postponed writing the parody... Spoilers. Immense ones. Including spoilers for things that happen after you beat the final boss. You are warned. I don't think there's any profanity, but there are random sexual innuendos."

The Story[]

Established Characters[]

  • Alucart - Half-brother of Alucard who thinks his elder brother has issues with "Dad".
  • Alucard - Can't believe that he's related to Alucart
  • Dracula - Scared of both of his sons
  • Shaft - Enthusiastically wants to protect his master from his sons
  • Maria - Wants to follow after Alucard... but not Alucart...
  • Richter - Says goodbye to Alucart

Original Characters[]

  • Alucark - Cousin to Alucart who helped out both Alucard and Alucart.

Creature Characters[]

  • Skeleton - A skeleton cheff
  • Troll 1 through Troll 3 - In charge of bringing in the trash
  • Helm - Armor 1. Offers Alucart donuts.
  • Gauntlet - Armor 2. Rather nice for an armor.
  • Skits - A Fleaman who needs decaff
  • Ribs - A Paranthropus that cheats Alucart out of his Dragon Helm.
  • Eurayle - A Medusa Head worried about her boyfriend