A Symphony of the Night parody fan-fiction by mooncalf.

Official Description Edit

"I can't be the first person to think of this. Can I? So there you are, playing the incredibly graceful and beautiful vampire Alucard, sweeping through this castle; and you find... well, I guess that's a spoiler, isn't it? Anyway, I took a tiny part of the game and turned it into this thing. It's an idea that grabbed my hindbrain and wouldn't let go, no matter how long I ignored it, how many times I postponed writing the parody... Spoilers. Immense ones. Including spoilers for things that happen after you beat the final boss. You are warned. I don't think there's any profanity, but there are random sexual innuendos."

The Story Edit

Established Characters Edit

  • Alucart - Half-brother of Alucard who thinks his elder brother has issues with "Dad".
  • Alucard - Can't believe that he's related to Alucart
  • Dracula - Scared of both of his sons
  • Shaft - Enthusiastically wants to protect his master from his sons
  • Maria - Wants to follow after Alucard... but not Alucart...
  • Richter - Says goodbye to Alucart

Original Characters Edit

  • Alucark - Cousin to Alucart who helped out both Alucard and Alucart.

Creature Characters Edit

  • Skeleton - A skeleton cheff
  • Troll 1 through Troll 3 - In charge of bringing in the trash
  • Helm - Armor 1. Offers Alucart donuts.
  • Gauntlet - Armor 2. Rather nice for an armor.
  • Skits - A Fleaman who needs decaff
  • Ribs - A Paranthropus that cheats Alucart out of his Dragon Helm.
  • Eurayle - A Medusa Head worried about her boyfriend