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The, "Cover" for The Chronicles of Nosfera comic

The chronicles of Nosfera is a web comic series created by an artist known as BrokenTeapot. It is essentially a parody of the first Castelvania game, going so far as to have some of the characters reference existing Castlevania characters, and even re-creating a similar story to existing Castlevania titles, such as Symphony of the Night, and the first Castlevania game for the NES.

The main idea behind the story is that the main character (Who is named Nosfera Lucard according to a "Character Sheet" provided by the artist.) is eating dinner with the husband, Brahm Shreck, who is a very powerful vampire that rules and commands his castle of the same name. Her husband is slain by a vampire slayer named Seymour Van Bellsing. (an obvious parody of Simon Belmont) After Nosfera witnesses her husband's death, her butler, Grimmsworth (a parody of Death) informs her that is she doesn't rule in Brahm's place, there would be a great possibility that another vampire could take it over. She accepts the offer, and vows to do anything in order to revive her husband. But as time passes, she begins to enjoy the life as a vampire lord.



The entire comic so far in BrokenTeapot's gallery