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Trevor Belmont is the legendary the first man to destroy Dracula.


Are you the devil forgemaster!?....then this is the hour of your death.

Trevor Belmont in Fan Games[]

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Trevor Belmont in Fan Fiction[]

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  • Castlevania Tales: 20th Anniversary Special (major role) - Time has shattered. Trevor, the sole Belmont owner of the unique Vampire Killer whip encounters other warriors who also claim to be of the Belmont clan and seem to possess the same whip.
  • Not to be Left Out (major role) - After being grievously wounded by Isaac and healed by Julia, Trevor has to get lectured by his wife Sypha over why he left to face Count Dracula by himself.
  • Future of Darkness (supporting role) - many years passed, Trevor returns with his former partners, Sypha and Grant, and his father Alucard to face his new challenge against Dracula, when they faced against evil, as the former Devil Forgemaster, Hector returns to help out Trevor and the others to stop Dracula before it's too late, will they succeed? But they came along with another younger warriows of them.

Trevor Belmont in Fan Art[]

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Trevor in Cosplay[]

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Trevor Belmont

Trevor Belmont

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