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This rock/metal, fan soundtrack was done by goat, a well-known ReMixer. This CD covers every piece of music from Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, with some tracks from other games in the two first medleys. The album is free to download and was completed by goat on May 31, 2007.


Contains the title of the original tracks.

  1. Scourge of 1691 (Castlevania medley)
  2. Creeping Dusk (medley)
  3. Stained Glass Filth (Beginning)
  4. Pools of Rust (Stream)
  5. Froggy Mosh (Dead Beat)
  6. Scale the Machine (Clockwork)
  7. Vengeance (Prayer)
  8. Rancid Purgatory (Player Out ~ Game Over Theme)
  9. Trevor's Reflection (Riddle)
  10. Luminescent Blues (Demon Seed)
  11. Ghost Voyage (Anxiety)
  12. Kick That Sinking Feeling (Rising)
  13. Emerald Ruins (Mad Forest)
  14. Voice of the Fallen (Epitaph)
  15. Enter The Killer (Prelude)
  16. Nefarious (Aquarius)
  17. When Spirits Sleep (Evergreen)
  18. Shadow Buster (Flashback)

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