Inventory for the collection of User:Reinhart77.

Console Games


Does not own a working NES, but own the cartridges and can play the first two games on the Wii Virtual Console. I do not have the import version of Kid Dracula.


Has a US Super Ninendo

Sega Genesis

Has a Genesis

  • Bloodlines - US release, package, catridge, and instruction manual

Sega Saturn

Do not have a Sega Saturn and do not have import Nocturne in the Moonlight


Used to have an original Playstation (that was lost). Now have a PSOne with the built in screen. Also have a Codebreaker.


Have N64 with a game shark.

Playstation 2

Has an original PS2 that doesn't work very well and two slim PS2 Twos. Also have a Codebreaker.

Do not have an import version of Haunted Castle.


Have an X-Box. However, does not have the X-Box version of Curse of Darkness.

XBox 360

Do not have an XBox 360. Unable to download Castlevania games on X-Box Live Arcade.


I have a Wii and all the virtual console Castlevania games available for US. I do not have a Wii capable of downloading the Rondo of Blood Japanese game.

Playstation 3

Have a Playstation 3.

Handheld Games

Game Boy / Game Boy Color

Do not have an original game boy. Can play the games on my Game Boy Advanced and Game Boy Player on my N64 and Game Cube though.

Game Boy Advanced

Have a refurbished Game Boy Advanced, but it has battery issues. Have Game Shark and Codebreaker for game boy advanced. Can play the games on a Game Boy Advanced player on the Game Cube or on the DS which has a codebreaker.

  • Circle of the Moon - US release, full packaging
  • Harmony of Dissonance - US release, full packaging. Also have a second cartridge for additional memory slots.
  • Aria of Sorrow - US release, full packaging. Also have a second cartridge for additional memory slots.
  • Castlevania I - US release, full packaging. Also have two additional cartridges for additional memory slots.
  • Dual Pack: Harmony of Dissonance and Aria of Sorrow. US release, full packaging. I have this game for the extra memory slots.

Dual Screen

Have an original Dual Screen with a codebreaker that allows codes and memory space backups.

  • Dawn of Sorrow - US release, full packaging. Also have a Greatest Hits edition with full packaging.
  • Portrait of Ruin - US release, full packaging including all the promotional material.
  • Order of Ecclesia - US release, full packaging including the free sampler sound track.

Playstation Portable

Have a PSP and the slim PSP, but need to get correct cables to be able to play on a TV set

Cellphone Games

I bought a new cell phone specifically so that I could play Order of Ecclesia and have that game. I do not have a cell phone that is compatible to any original Castlevania ports or the Aria of Sorrow or Dawn of Sorrow ports.

Strategy Guides

  • Official Symphony of the Night Strategy guide
  • Prima Unofficial Castlevania 64 Strategy guide
  • Official Castlevania 64 Strategy guide
  • Prima Official Legacy of Darkness Strategy Guide
  • Harmony of Dissonance / Contra Strategy Guide
  • Lament of Innocence Strategy Guide
  • Curse of Darkness Strategy Guide
  • Dawn of Sorrow Strategy Guide
  • Portrait of Ruin Strategy Guide
  • Order of Ecclesia Strategy Guide
  • imported Ultimate Judge Guidebook


  • Symphony of the Night OST
  • Castlevania Chronicles OST
  • Circle of the Moon / Harmony of Dissonance OST
  • Aria of Sorrow / Dawn of Sorrow OST
  • Lament of Innocence OST
  • Curse of Darkness OST
  • Portrait of Ruin OST
  • 20th Anniversary Sound Track
  • Order of Ecclesia sampler Sound Track


  • All issues of The Belmont Legacy
  • Vol. 1 and 2 of Curse of Darkness Tokyo Pop manga

Action Figures

  • Simon Belmont NECA figure, in packaging
  • Succubus NECA figure, in packaging
  • Alucard NECA figure, in packaging
  • Open mouthed Dracula NECA figure, in packaging
  • Simon's Quest Pixel Simon
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