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A woman, Milenia, the main character is an action game headed towards the castle of Vampire, using weapons made of cloth called Ulmin. Although the first part was a two part composition consisting of the way to Vampire Castle and the second half inside the castle, it is a work that has become unfinished unfortunately.


SPRITE is the first game to sell on CD-ROM. Until now, I was doing my best with floppy which has only 1.4M capacity, but it is already the limit, this time it can be used for graphics and sounds as much as I want. This game is divided into the first part and the second part, the first part is freeware, the second part is shareware. Mainly the second part is set in the castle inside Dracula.


Milenia's older sister Lorraine's wedding. My brother Georg, who disappeared four years ago and did not grasp the truth, comes. It is a Lorraine who runs to joy, but he is murdered by Georg. The ceremonial site is panicked and people who escape. But everyone is killed. Only girl Milenia (then 9 years old) hides behind the scenes and survives.

After Georg left, Milenia stood at the mere sea of ​​the blood sea in an empty state. To that end, the relative vampire hunter Leo lags behind. Witnessing the catastrophe at the church, breathtaking leo.

Milenia who was taken over by Leo, he is told as a hunter after hearing all the fate of his clan. Leo knew that his life was not long and entrusted her all to him.

Milenia adult morning. Leo is only one person in lieu of an adult ceremony and orders to destroy a certain root of Vampire.

In this way, her life as a vampire hunter began.

Change log

Version 0.05
Adjusting the operation of the sky M
Change icon
Version 0.04
You can now change the button layout of the Joypad.
Millenia oblique attacks can now be attacked
Manticore damage treatment
Version 0.03
■ Add enemy character
Ax fomor
Ghost pillar
The enemy who breaks the glass and comes out
■ add effect sound
Sound of the bell
Yarare of skeleton
Dog's voice
Semi-fish person's splashing sound
Milennia's footsteps & running sound
■ Adding an area
Ishibashi Stage
Be chased by Manticore
Deep river
Shallow water of the river
■ Other
Both correspondence to full screen & Window screen
Demos run out
Corbault's PCG bug fixed for arrows
256 color palette
NEW Character: Gargoyle Appears
Flame animation of life
Up to jumping power [80 to 84]
Version 0.00 - version 0.01
Fixed a bug at Waterside PCG






Vampire (Japanese Castlevania Homebrew)

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